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Reclaiming the food system : The fight for the ‘Right to Food’ in a time of COVID, climate & Capitalism

Despite unprecedented wealth existing in the world, one in seven people go to bed hungry, with billions more at risk of hunger as a result of the global recession. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the threat of hunger and poverty for the majority of the global South including small scale food producers as well as the poorest in the UK with a record increase in food bank use. Our food system is broken and on the brink of a global food pandemic because of the climate crisis and neoliberal capitalism that has allowed big business to seize 75% of all agricultural land, producing record emissions and yet feed only a minority of the peoples of the world. Farmers and peasants on the frontline of feeding the world are fighting for control of our food systems, and their land, from corporate greed. Come to this session to hear more and join the fight to make food a public good.



CAPACITY : Unlimited attendees


Nnimmo Bassey is a representative of the Health of Mother Earth Foundation (Nigeria) –

Imogen Richmond-Bishop is a representative of Sustain the Alliance for Better Food and Farming (UK) –

Mohsen Kalboussi is a member of the North Africa Network of Food Sovereignty (Tunisia) –


North Africa Food Sovereignty Network

Health of Mother Earth Foundation


War on Want

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