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Press Release

The North African Food Sovereignty Network organizes an Exceptional General assembly on December 10th, 20222 under the slogan

“Siyada Network : Popular Education and resistance for the Food Sovereignty Alternative”

Will be present in the general assembly representatives of the unions, Civil society organizations and movements, that are members of the network, from North Africa and the Middle East/Arab region, from the following countries : Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, algeria and Tunisia.

The agenda of this exceptional general assembly come as the implementation of the outputs of the last ordinary general assembly of the network organized in Tunis in 2021, in which the member organizations projected to officially change the name of the network after new members from outside north africa joined the organization.

The agenda also includes the enlargement of the network secretariat to involve representatives from the countries that joined the network since a year, as stipulated in the “ميثاق التسيير”

The General Assembly represent the highst decidsion making body of the netwrok, where decisions are discussed and made about “ميثاق التسيير”, memberships, the integration of new members as well as the network’s strategy.

Regional Secretariat of the North African Food Svereignty Network*

December 5th, 2022

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